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High water warning system for the U.S. Geological Survey

TEMPE, AZ - 07/09/2010 - Solar Traffic Controls has fielded a two-stage high water warning system for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to protect users at unbridged stream crossings on an U.S. Army base.

The system is designed to fit on standard stream flow gauge stations around the base. It can run for several hours per event, on up to 3 days per week during rainy season from a battery charged by a solar module.

The system includes two signal heads in each direction: one amber, one red. When the water rises to the first depth of concern the system activates in the flashing yellow mode after staying at the target depth for at least 10 seconds. If the water continues to rise, and reaches a critical level at which no vehicles should attempt to cross, the lamps change to flashing red. As the water recedes the lamps cycle back through the different alarm stages.

STC included smart controls in the package with time delays for both the rising and falling water levels. The controls allow time-delayed response to the level changes thereby decreasing false triggering of the indications. All parameters are adjustable on the control's LCD screen. The controls display the span of time the system ran on its last activation. A custom built sensor assembly including a stilling tube is included with the equipment as a prototype for the USGS to base the final design on.

The system made use of STC's amber and red DC LED lamps which include high efficiency LED elements as the base light source. All the equipment had to be designed to accommodate special mounting requirements. After a week's testing in the USGS shop, the agency installed the system and reported it working accurately during several rain storms.

As a follow-on to the initial order the USGS ordered another 11 control packages with sensors for other locations around the base. STC's sales representative for the area, Floyd Hobbs of Traffic Highway Products, was instrumental in securing this project.

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